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RJ's The Amazing Race[]

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RJ's The Amazing Race is a Tengaged Group game series based on the TV show "The Amazing Race". Tengaged users travel around the world from the comforts of their own homes solving clues along the way to get to each destination. The 1st team to cross the Finish Line would win RJ's The Amazing Race. Each season features 11 or 12 teams of 1 who are Tengaged Members. Throughout the seasons there has been many different twists, unexpected results and of course, amazing teams!

RJ's The Amazing Race Special Editions[]

Below is a table of RJ's The Amazing Race seasons that were unique.

RJ's The Amazing Race Specials Season Present Description
Experts Vs Beginners Season 5 6 Veteran Teams Vs 6 Newbie Teams
Unfinished Business Season 10 12 Teams Who Never Quite Won Are Back
All Stars Season 15 12 Best Of The Best Teams Are Back


Throughout the entire race the teams encounter several different types of clues including-

Route Infos Route Info Mini.png - A Route Info clue is generally a hint to where the teams have to go to next. To receive their next clue the must mail back the correct destination.

Roadblocks Roadblock Mini.png - A task that Ryan likes to make everyone wait an eternity for.

Detours Detour Mini.png - A Detour is a choice between 2 tasks each with their own pros and cons. The tasks are generally 2 online games that can be found on Tengaged. Teams are required to provide evidence to receive their next clue. The evidence is generally a screen shot.

Speed Bumps Speed Bump Mini.png - A Speed Bump is a task for only the team that checked into a Pit Stop last but were not eliminated. The Speed Bump task could be anything from an anagram to pouring 100 buckets of water!

Road Works Road Works Mini.png - A Road Works is for a team that checked-in last but were not eliminated. The Road Works is where the team that was saved from elimination must choose an eliminated team to take their position for the next leg of the race so they can "repair" themselves and come back fighting, if their chosen team survives for them!

No-Entries No-Entry Mini.png - A No-Entry is an Immunity Item. If a team checks-in and they feel they could be eliminated they just use their No-Entry Immunity and they will defiantly be safe. If they are last and they use their No-Entry and stay in the race then the team with the next slowest time is eliminated! Once they use it, it's gone even if they were not last! 

Roundabouts Roundabout Mini.png - A Roundabout is 1 challenge with 2 parts in which 1 member of the team needs to complete the first half and the other needs to complete the other half. This will only appear when teams are in Teams of 2!

Fork In The Roads Fork In Road.png - A Fork In The Road is where 1 team member completes 1 set of Route Info clues and the other completes the other set of Route Info clues

Fast Forwards Fast Forward Mini.png - A Fast Forward is a task in which the 1st team to complete it gets to head directly to the next Pit Stop. The Fast Forward task generally makes the participants have to work out where the Pit Stop is from a picture, however, the picture has zoomed up on part of the Pit Stop location 

Intersections Intersection Mini.png- An Intersection is where 2 teams come together as 1 team for a period of time during the leg

Hazard Hazard Mini.png - A Hazard is a task for the team who departs last on Leg 2. The Hazard affects the team on every leg they are in the race. The Hazard adds an extra level of difficulty to the Roadblock for that team.

Yields Yield Mini.png - A Yield allows one team to force another team to get 10 minutes added to their overall time.

U-Turns U-Turn Mini.png - A U-Turn allows one team to force another team to complete both sides of the Detour. U-Turns only appear after Detours.

Diversion Diversion Mini.png - A Diversion allows one team to force another team to head to a different location and back again before continuing.


Pit Stops Pit Stop Mini.png - At the end of each leg there is a Pit Stop. The 1st team to arrive may win a prize while the last team to arrive may be eliminated. Teams are forced to stop here until the beginning of the next leg of the race.


Breaking rules or failure to complete challenges will result in penalties. Below is a list of Penalties.

Penalty Time Penalty
Not Completing A Route Info 1 Hour
Not Completing A Route Info Task 2 Hours
Not Completing A Roadblock 4 Hours
Not Completing A Detour 8 Hours
Not Completing A U-Turn 4 Hours
Not Completing A Diversion 2 Hours
Not Completing An Intersection 4 Hours
Not Completing A Speed Bump 2 Hours
Failure To Provide Evidence When Needed 12 Hours
Failure To Provide A Flight Provided Flight
Failure To Choose Transport 24 Hours
Failure To Complete The Leg 50 Hours (Average)
  • A Route Info Task is when a challenge of some form is generally involved instead of the normal Route Info Clue. Throughout the Wikias they are known as Additional Tasks

Season Twists[]

RJ's The Amazing Race has featured many different twists throughout the seasons. Below are the list of the different Twists.

Twist Season Introduced Twist Description
RJ's The Amazing Race Shop 2 At the end of each leg teams won money to buy advantages through the shop.
Yield Vote 2 Teams vote in a poll for who receives the Yield



2 teams can use and receive the U-Turn

Double-Length Leg 3 The leg is double the length than normal
Road Works 4 After a team is saved from elimination the saved team has to choose an eliminated team to do the next leg for them
Money 5 Teams have to use money they are given throughout the legs to cover all costs of transportation
Double Elimination 5

2 teams are eliminated on the same leg

Team Up & Split Up 6 Everyone starts of in Teams of 2 but at some point during the race split up into Teams of 1
2 Express Passes 6 The winner of Leg 1 receives 2 Express Passes. 1 is for themselves the other is to give to another team
No-Entry Immunity 8 Every team receives a No-Entry Immunity. They use when they think they might be eliminated
Roundabout 9 It's 1 task with 2 parts. 1 for 1 team member and the other part fot the other team member
Fork In The Road 9 1 team member completes 1 set of Route Info clues and the other completes the other set
Intersection 10 2 Teams Become 1 for the race until they are instructed the Intersection is finished
Fast Forward (Every Leg) 10 A Fast Forward was present on every leg of the race up to Leg 10
Flight Twist 11 Teams were required to find a flight, when neccessary, when traveling to their next location
Hazard 12 The last team to depart on Leg 2 receives the Hazard. It's extra clues on each leg for that team
Travel Twist 12 An extention on the Flight Twist from the previous season. Teams will have to choose Taxies, etc between places
Starting Line Elimination 13 A team is eliminated at the Starting Line and don't even get to leave on the race around the world
Diversion 14 Allows 1 team to force another team to head to another location and back again before continuing

RJ's The Amazing Race Season Summaries[]

Below is a table with a summary of each season of RJ's The Amazing Race.

Season Winner Runner-Up 3rd Place
RJ's The Amazing Race 1 The_Fabulous_Daniel Patriciasigmond Missalice3
RJ's The Amazing Race 2 Edu84 Thebigbioss Andreatranchina
RJ's The Amazing Race 3 Stuartlittle16 Levonini Ilikebugs
RJ's The Amazing Race 4 Brogs17 Carlisle David123456
RJ's The Amazing Race 5
(Experts Vs Beginners)
Edu84 Saxonmath The_Fabulous_Daniel
RJ's The Amazing Race 6 Nbkiller Danielvk Cnathaniel
RJ's The Amazing Race 7 Qwerty101 Elvira IceIceBaby
RJ's The Amazing Race 8 Lukonia Edu84 Qwerty101
RJ's The Amazing Race 9 Edu84 &
Ezza7890 &
Nathan132 &
RJ's The Amazing Race 10
(Unfinished Business)
Saxonmath Andreatranchina ForceMike1
RJ's The Amazing Race 11 Samhuss Ethan000 Billybo10000
RJ's The Amazing Race 12 WitZ Argai EM002
RJ's The Amazing Race 13 SparkleSara Awwsum11 Ilikebugs
RJ's The Amazing Race 14 Jacob_C Turney1805 BigBrotherFan132
RJ's The Amazing Race 15
(All Stars)
The_Fabulous_Daniel AlanDuncan Nbkiller
RJ's The Amazing Race 16 Samhuss Malcolx3 Awwsum11
RJ's The Amazing Race 17 EM002 CharlieBibi Blueu22
RJ's The Amazing Race 18 m7md26 Snake mysterygame2